When owner Sabrina Heeks started doing hair at age 16, she never thought it would end up being a career decision that would have her one day training across the country and opening her own salon.

“I have always known that whether it was clothes or hair, designing was for me.  I think I was about sixteen when I feel in love with the idea of being a hair stylist! I feel like everyone is beautiful and being a stylist gives me the opportunity to help intensifying their beauty, which I love,” Sabrina said.

The Fayetteville native began her training in Lumberton 20 years ago and has had extensive training and experience in Chicago, New York and Miami and Georgia. As an Artec® educator, she has taught in Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina and North Carolina. “I see myself as a professional and am motivated by the idea that there is always something new to learn,” she said.

Sabrina’s specialties are color correction, foil highlighting and coloring for facial features. She takes the time with her clients to ensure they learn the tips and know the tools they will need to reproduce the look at home.

“When a client calls after an appointment and thanks me over and over because they are completely satisfied with their hair and they appreciate the time I took with them because they can duplicate it at home is the best feeling,” Sabrina said.

In 2000, Sabrina opened Salon 1026. However, she still identifies herself as a stylist first and foremost.

“I want my clients to relax when they are here and know they were sent to me for a reason. I hope they will remember that I am here for them and will always put their total image first. Nothing gives me more joy than that look of satisfaction and gratitude on a clients face after I’ve finished. I want a person to know that from the moment they sit down in my chair until they leave, they are my guest and I want them to feel completely welcomed and comfortable during the visit.”

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